IE 7 - New Tabs instead of Windows?

8/25/2006 10:57:19 AM
Well, IE7 is starting to grow on me. I am using it more and more over my previous browser favorite Maxthon. The one thing that I still long for that Maxthon has is that you can have Maxthon open all new windows as tabs.

For example, you are browsing a site that has a link to another web site that has _blank as the link target. The default behavior of browsers, including IE7, is to open that link in a brand new browser window. Maxthon, however, lets you set an option to have all browser windows open as new tabs. I wish IE 7 would let you do the same thing, but as far as I can, it doesn't.

If you have tabs, one of the big advantages would seem to be that you dont need all of these different browser windows. IE7 strictly interprets the _blank setting and doesnt seem to care if the user doesnt like that behavior.

Oh yeah, I still don't like that I can't double click a tab to close it!!!


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